Sixth place – Copenhagen

Another week, another place.
After a week doing some research and initiating two projects in Leipzig, I went to Berlin for two days. But within those two days, I tried to get the maximum out of it. The first day was a walking day. I looked for posters and other graphic design in the streets. What was remarkable was that typography was quite prominent. Even the less designed posters were quite good and neat.

2014-03-10 11.19.25


Berlin Type

The second day I went to some bookshops and met Thomas Le Bas, a graphic designer from New Zealand, living in Berlin.

After this short visit to Berlin, I left for Copenhagen, where I am now.


Paris Movie Theater Copenhagen


No Nosense

So this week I will do some research about design in Danmark with Eller Med A and Jeppe Pendrup Jorgensen. I already visited the city and I think it will be very interesting. I’ll keep you updated.