Projects done in Leipzig

After a week enjoying Leipzig a lot, these are the things I did.

First, Leipzig is great! It has everything you need. It is a big city but it is not overcrowded. You feel that the city is alive. It is looking for new things without forgetting its past.

About the project:

1. “A walk through a library” — When I met David Voss I asked him to try to stylize the German design. Together we thought about a project which could show that in some way. To make some results, we needed material. And what is the best way to discover some (local) culture: walk around in a library (of the HGB Leipzig) and look for material. We took pictures of what we found with a smartphone. After that, we printed the pictures and tried to look for something specific, maybe something representative for the German or Leipziger design. With this selection, composition on spreads were made. Those spreads were photographed again with the smartphone. After that, we printed those spreads and we decided on the composition of the book in order to tell our story. At last, we printed the book/zine twice.

A walk 02

A walk 01

2. “T-shirts” — Project with Laetitia Gorsy. On an evening this week, I met Laetitia, a French girl, living in Leipzig. I was wondering why she wanted to leave France and live here. She told me her story and that gave us the idea to make something out of it:
The t-shirts are meant to be like the connection when people meet. We each made one t-shirt and together we made the third. The t-shirts can be changed from place, giving another result and that is the same when people meet.