The world is getting smaller. Boundaries are fading away, travel expenses are collapsing and the internet is gaining speed and losing its wires… But why are only so little people jumping on the advantages of these recent changes?

Why aren’t work ethics and structures changing along?

Many new channels enable us to discover the (graphical) world through a cost-effective and enriching way. By being the graphic nomad, those advantages are being used to discover the graphic design scene in times of globalization.

Over the past years, I accumulated various skills, a healthy curiosity towards (foreign graphic) culture and a genuine interest in the digital (r)evolution. But the need to expand my borders is strong. Living as a graphic nomad, it is possible to see and to know much more than while staying at one place. A graphic nomad doesn’t need to have a permanent place of residence. He wants to roam around in the vicinity of his work environment.

A graphic nomad can depend only on his laptop and the internet as communication and work tools.

Besides that, The Graphic Nomad can search for interesting art projects and (progressive) graphic designers. By doing self-intiated projects with them about cultural heritage, new (globalized) ideas, ‘locale’ insights, new experiences can be acquired.

The project involves another research as well. By meeting graphic designers, the (active) graphic world can be mapped out. Connection of influences can be made by opening up a dialogue about contemporary (graphic) art. Strong cultural identities are being identified. Local styles are becoming transparent.

Remainders of the paradigms of cultural traditions are being used to create new work.

Results of this research are briefly shown on this website and hopefully (one day) the physical projects can be shown in a (traveling) exhibition.

The experiences and the research will be bundled in a book. The reader of the book will not only find a huge variety of inspirations, but will also get acquainted with the life of a graphic nomad and designer. He will be able to have a glimpse of the current graphic world seen through the graphic nomad and see what the globalization is or isn’t doing.


The Graphic Nomad

Project mentors:
– Jurgen Maelfeyt
– Wim De Temmerman
– Philippe De Baudrighien