Typical Danish Graphic Design?

This week was a really, really interesting week. I didn’t know a lot about Copenhagen or Danmark and the Danish people. Neither had an idea about Danish Graphic Design. But I met some nice graphic designers here and they told me a lot about the Danish graphic design scene. You will read it all in the the book that I will make but for now I can tell you about the projects I did in Copenhagen.

The first graphic designer I did a project with was Jeppe Pendrup. I asked Jeppe what was typical Danish Graphic Design or perhaps if there was something that was quite specific for Danmark. He couldn’t give me like a straight forward answer and maybe it isn’t possible. But a thing that came back a lot was the product and furniture design. So, that was the start of something. We tried to find a bridge between the famous and iconic design from Danmark and the not typical Danish graphic design. After that Jeppe told me that they were influenced a lot by other cultures, like the Dutch or Swiss style. To combine all that, we ┬áput all the elements of the story together and made a quite interesting but strange poster:

Danish Design

Scanning Chair


The second project I did was with Eller Med A, two women who also really couldn’t point me the typical Danish style elements except for the focus on the details and the minimalism. So what is more minimal than paper? We tried to see what the paper as material is telling us:

Paper 01 Paper 02 Paper 03