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Did some rewrite and rethinking (what is kind of normal in a creating process) about the project.

I, maybe because of being overbusy or not :), read this: (thanks Cox & Grusenmeyer for that, visit them!) and look at the wonderful illustration in the article by Brecht Vandenbroucke.) quickly Google Translate the update:


I ‘m Mathieu Cieters and follow the master year graphic design at the School of Arts ( KASK ) , Ghent ( Belgium ) .

As a master project I’d ‘ a graphic nomad ‘ .

More specifically the project that I ‘m looking for studios , designers , collectives ( …) I where to ( art) projects can contribute .
The goal is , with the idea of ​​the nomad, to live and learn depending on the work .
Incidentally this gives me the opportunity to explore cultural . Various influences and approaches in the design and ( any remaining ? )  differences

The master project aims to which not only the studios , designers , collectives or art projects for whom or which has helped , will be covered , a book, but also where the influences and approaches and the possible cultural differences within the graphic subculture will be on the basis of a personal travelogue of a passionate and curious person . documented

Why I send .
Is it possible to effectively come by in the period between February 3 and April 20, 2014 to work on an (ongoing ) project and thus to live , to attain as this project and the book
Very much like an answer .
With Regards,

Mathieu Cieters – the graphic nomad

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or @ thegraphicnomad

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