The results of a week in Rotterdam

The results after one week of work:

I collaborated with the two ladies of Team Thursday and together we made 10 recto-verso risographs. The concept of this project is based on style elements of the Dutch and the Belgian design. Team Thursday made a list with elements they saw as typical Belgian and I made one which described the typical Dutch elements. Afterwards we swapped the lists and made a design based on those lists. These are the results:

PosterA3-02 TT_graphicnomad


At Studio Joran Koster I used another ‘printing technique’. For his project Ideas of Jugaad, I made pamphlets which were lasercutted on fruit crates. The aim of those pamphlets is to let people know that there is also a possibility of Jugaad in Rotterdam. Therefore I used cliches to attract the attention of the Dutch people so they would read the message and would want to go search on the website what Jugaad is about:

Scan Scan 1 Scan 3 Scan 4Scan 2