Just around the corner

Studio Joran Koster is located at a place called ‘De Blaak’. This very large street is located near the  Willem de Kooning Academy. But the place is best know for the Cube Houses.
As a fan of the cube and lines I really like it here. 🙂

The Cube Houses

Cube houses (Dutch: Kubuswoningen) are a set of innovative houses built in Rotterdam and Helmond in the Netherlands, designed by architect Piet Blom and based on the concept of “living as an urban roof”: high density housing with sufficient space on the ground level. Blom tilted the cube of a conventional house 45 degrees, and rested it upon a hexagon-shaped pylon. His design represents a village within a city, where each house represents a tree, and all the houses together, a forest.
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And thanks to Non Arkaraprasertkul we can have a look of the interior of those houses: