Self-initiated work - screenprinted posters
Visual identity for arts center Vlaams Fruit - flyer
Visual identity for Belgian Art & Design Fair - tote bag
Artwork and scenography for Hermitage - backcover LP
Visual identity and archiving graphic design for Another Graphic - thank you card
Visual identity for Art Secondary School Sint-Lucas Gent - poster on front-lit banner
Book design for Loveld - books
Graphic Design studio Studio Studio - website
Master research project The Graphic Nomad - book
Art direction for Binst Architects - magazine
Visual identity and scenography for Toegepast 20 at arts center Z33 - exhibition catalogue
Visual identity for youth center Kavka - light box facade
Poster exhibition for Graphic Graphic - poster wall & catalogue
T-Shirt for Nike - T-shirt
Visual idendity for Arsenaal - flags
Visual identity for Greenhouse Talent - banner